ABOUT US                        —         Happy, Healthy and Plant-Based. 

When my husband, John and I were expecting our first child, living a healthy, plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle became a priority for us. Through countless hours of research, we were completely shocked to find out just how beneficial veganism is to living a long, healthy life. So to say the switch was easy, is an understatement.  We went PLANT-BASED and haven’t looked back since!

Sometimes trying to find healthy options at the local store can be a challenge.  So many products are loaded with junk and ingredients that we can barely pronounce!  Wanting a better choice is exactly how Plant Love was born.  Healthy foods, put into tasty treats!  

We’re here to help others realize how EASY, delicious and beneficial a whole food, plant-based diet is… Not just for us but for the planet and all the animals we share with it.

So join us on this exciting adventure, grab a spoon and enjoy some pudding with us!

Lots of Love,