Better for your Health,

Better for the Planet,

Better for the Animals.

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Why plant-based lifestyle?

Following a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, not only has profound affects to your health,

but also amazing effects on the world around you. 

Here are a few websites to provide more information on veganism : 

The Vegan Society

or Vegan.Com

Another great resource is Plant Based Foods Association.

Sites like these can have extra resources for recipes, health related, beauty and apparel.

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Plant-based means foods made from plants, that contain no animal derived ingredients or byproducts. They are are unrefined or minimally processed and generally found in nature and of plants.

There are many reported and completed studies on the positive health outcomes. Many people also report experiencing lower inflammation, increased energy, and improved athletic performance while following a plant-based diet. 

A plant-based diet is a great way to achieve good health. Conditions like heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, brain health, and physical function.